The Monarch Story

Strive. Survive. Thrive.

At the Monarch Women’s Cancer Center we borrow inspiration from the Monarch butterfly. Despite their paper-thin wings, these majestic butterflies are powerful flyers who endure a 2,000-mile journey into unfamiliar territory. They fearlessly and wisely travel 16 feet off the ground, catching updrafts of warm air, which allows them to glide and conserve energy. Even on cloudy days they keep their internal compass tied to the sun.

Their amazing life cycle and miraculous migration is much like the journey to strive, survive and thrive as you enter a new phase of your life. We hope you will find clarity of purpose as you prioritize your time and energies. We’ll be there to help you find new strength and draft off the warmth of others in your life.

Ask your loved ones to fly with you and support you in your travels. Though you are fragile in many ways, like the Monarch, you will find astonishing strength and beautiful transformations happening on your journey, too.